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Teacher Certification/Master of Education in Urban Teaching Program

Interested in becoming a high school teacher? Looking for a program that sets you on a path for teacher certification and a master’s degree? Our new combined Teacher Certification Program [TCP] and Master of Education in Urban Teaching [M.Ed.] is for you.

This one-of-a-kind program is offered by the Providence College Schools of Continuing Education and Professional Studies. It provides an alternative path to secondary school certification and focuses on training teachers to succeed in diverse, urban classrooms. In other words, it’s real preparation for real classrooms — those with the most need. Read more

Program Goals

To prepare teachers for our increasingly diverse schools and for teacher-shortage areas

To reduce the achievement gap in urban schools by encouraging and preparing individuals to teach in these settings using specialized methods

To encourage career changers — especially those with backgrounds outside of education, such as science, business, and law — to pursue careers in education


Our curriculum addresses the biggest challenges in today’s urban high school classroom. You’ll learn about classroom management, cultural competency, project-based learning, and ESL methods, among other best practices. We prepare teachers to engage students and help them set and achieve their academic goals.


Required Courses

EDU 791:  Educational Psychology

EDU 792:  Principles of Secondary Education

EDU 815:  The Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom

EDU 813:  Educational Measurement

EDU 622:  Reading in the Content Area

EDU 808:  Methods Secondary Education

EDU 455:  Student Teaching

EDU 661:  Culturally Competent Teaching

EDU 662:  Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Urban Learners

EDU 703:  Methods and Materials in ESL Education

EDU 663:  Multicultural Seminar

EDU 664:  Capstone:  Successful Urban Teaching

Total Credits = 42

NOTE: students are eligible for certification upon successful completion of student teaching and all other certification requirements (such as passing certification exams)

Sample Program of Studies  

Students may also commence their studies in spring or summer and may move faster or slower through the course sequence.

Year 1


EDU 791, 792


EDU 813, 815


EDU 661, 662

Year 2


EDU 622, 808


EDU 455 (not for graduate credit)


EDU 703

Year 3  


EDU 663


EDU 664