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Master of Education in Administration

The Graduate Studies Program in Administration is designed to equip teachers with the skills necessary to become a school administrator. Recipients of Providence College master’s degrees in administration have gone on to become assistant principals, principals, assistant superintendents, and superintendents.

All program course work is designed to provide the prospective administrator with an understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the supervisor’s role. Students in the program take a central core of courses dealing with curriculum, evaluation, instruction, law, and finance. To this are added courses that deal with community concerns, technology, and research techniques. Students are also exposed to innovative governance structures and methods which will further their careers as school administrators. The program culminates with a six-credit internship which requires students to put into practice the theory they have been taught in their classes.

Application Deadlines *

Start Te​rm
Application Deadline
Summer I or II ​March 1
​Fall ​​​July 1
​Spring ​​November 1

*Note that students can take up to 2 courses while their application is under review.

Admission Requirements

A 2.75 undergraduate gpa is required for conditional admission to the program.  A 3.0 or higher undergraduate gpa is required for full admission.  A conditional admission indicates that the student will be required to meet additional academic criteria during their initial coursework to gain full admission.

Please visit this site for additional admission information.


Course Handbook 2019-2020

Internship Handbook 2018-2019

Program Requirements

All requirements for the master’s degree must be completed within a period of five calendar years from the time of admission.   All teachers who successfully complete the program and pass the Praxis School Leaders Licensure assessment are eligible for certification in Rhode Island as a PK-12 Building Administrator.  Successful completion of the program includes:

Completing all required coursework while maintaining a 3.0 or higher GPA

Successfully completing and defending a performance assessment.

Passing the Praxis School Leaders Licensure assessment is a program completion requirement as well as a state certification requirement. For information regarding this assessment, please click here.

The Sequence:

This program has been designed to follow a developmental sequence.  Therefore, students should complete all coursework in one strand before moving on to the next strand.

Strand I

EDU 501- Fundamentals of Research

EDU 504- Supervision/Personnel Problems in Education

EDU 810- Data Analysis, Technology, and the Principal

Strand II

EDU 505- School Law

EDU 508- Program Evaluation- System Approach to School Improvement

EDU 512- School-Community Relations

EDU 513- Supervision of Instruction

EDU 516- School Finance

EDU 522- The Administration of Leadership in the K-12 Schools

EDU 532- Curriculum Design and Construction

Strand III

EDU 530- Education Administration Internship I

EDU 536- Education Administration Internship II

(For a total of 36 credit hours)