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SPS Health Policy and Management Faculty in the Spotlight: Dr. Candidus Nwakasi

Meet Dr. Candidus “Candi” Nwakasi, the newest faculty member added to the Health Policy and Management Department.

What brought you to PC? What made you choose it over other opportunities?

I applied to Providence College because I was encouraged to by one of my mentors who worked at Brown Univesity. I became more excited to join the Providence College community after my interactions with the staff and students during my campus visit. I also believe that Providence College will be a great place to work as someone in academia because the Catholic Church is known to have one of the best academic institutions in the world.

What motivated you to choose the profession of Health Policy and Management as your career?

My educational background is in Public Health (Masters) and Gerontology (Doctorate). I strongly believe that the field of health policy and management offers opportunities needed to address policy issues and help inform health solutions, especially among the aging populations. 

What is your area of research?

My research focus is on understanding and examining different factors that influence the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged older populations and other vulnerable groups (e.g., persons with functional disabilities, migrants, prison inmates). I am also interested in dementia knowledge and caregiving, health workforce competency improvements, and am a proponent of using cross-cultural research to help broaden the knowledge and policy implications of global health and aging.

What is it about teaching that brings you joy?

When I teach, I believe that I am constantly involved in a knowledge building and exchange process that will help students succeed. This gives me joy. 

Comments on “SPS Health Policy and Management Faculty in the Spotlight: Dr. Candidus Nwakasi

  1. Prof, your research interest is very commendable. Am particularly impressed about the disadvantage older population and the vulnerable groups that has long been swept under the carpet. It makes provision for continuum to the unborn.

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