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Dr. Anthony Rodriguez

Professional Studies

PC graduates in the fields of education, health policy and management, and social work are ready to hit the ground running, which is why PC’s School of Professional Studies has earned a reputation among employers for excellent career preparation. At PC, extensive internship and fieldwork opportunities are an integral part of our curriculum—providing our students with the hands-on experience necessary to excel in the workplace.

Our students also have a commitment to service and leadership that sets them apart. Teachers serve communities by committing themselves to educating children. Social workers serve through a dedication to improving the lives of at-risk populations. Healthcare professionals serve by setting policy, improving financial management in the industry, and conducting research—all aimed at improving the health of the world’s citizens.

At PC, service and being a “professional” are inseparable ideals that, at their core, make the world a better place — and our graduates more employable.

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